After Steps – How it Works

How AfterSteps Works



End-of-life planning can be incredibly daunting. There is an overwhelming amount of information that is complicated to understand. AfterSteps simplifies this information into understandable content and an interactive checklist that simplifies and prioritizes steps in the end-of-life planning process.



AfterSteps brings organization to your end-of-life plan by securely storing it online. Use our checklist to store your information and wishes and upload relevant documentation (copies of wills, insurance policies, etc.).



For all incomplete checklist items, AfterSteps matches you with the appropriate service or product vendor to complete it. We provide you with personalized reminders and alerts throughout your life as changes occur in your personal life and in the regulatory environment.



Upon death or incapacitation, AfterSteps transfers your end-of-life plan in an easy-to-use package to your designated beneficiaries. This makes their transition as seamless as possible, reducing their burden and stress as much as possible.

Safe & Secure

The safety and security of your personal information is of the highest priorty for AfterSteps. We use SSL Encryption – the same security that banks use, and all data is protected and validated by Comodo.