A Good Night’s Sleep: Why is Mattress & Storage so Expensive?

There are a lot more than 6 surprising reasons why mattresses are expensive. That said, it is possible to buy budget items that cost less than one hundred bucks, but they are unlikely to be comfortable and certainly will not be very durable. Some of the most expensive products now come with lifetime guarantees because they are manufactured to exceptionally high standards and use only the best quality raw materials. You do need to be prepared to invest in your bed if you want to enjoy comfortable sleep with full body support.

The reality is that there is a lot of innovative engineering behind the most advanced mattresses in the marketplace. The items are designed to perfectly support the human skeleton while regulating body temperature and inhibiting the growth of mold and bacteria. Mattresses also have to hypoallergenic so that people don’t get skin rashes from the materials.

Transport and Cost

Due to their large size and bulky weight, mattresses can be different to transport and they cost retailers a lot of money to keep in storage. This is one of the reasons why many items have a premium price tag attached to them. If you order a queen-sized mattress, for example, you might have to pay extra shipping costs and ensure that the item can fit through the entrance door to your property.

Trying to decide between a firm and a soft mattress can be a difficult decision especially when there are discounts available online. For instance, when you search Brentwood Home coupon code you will be able to find some amazing deals and be able to save. If possible, you should visit a bed store and try out the different mattresses in person, so you can see which one would work best for your body. The firmness of a mattress often depends on a person’s body weight. If you are a naturally heavy person, there is a chance that even the firmest mattress in a store will feel too soft for you. In contrast, those with low body weights often find it difficult to find mattresses that provide soft comfort to their bodies.

Trouble Falling Asleep

Many people have trouble falling asleep, but sleeping pills really should be a last resort if you are having difficulty sleeping. You should also consult with your doctor before you take them to rule out other medical conditions that could be causing your insomnia. Keep in mind that it can be easy to build up a tolerance to sleeping pills and they can be highly addictive. So, if you are having trouble getting to sleep each night, make sure you make adjustments to your bed set up before you try more serious medical options. You might be surprised at how much of an impact a good-quality mattress can have on the quality of your sleep.

What’s more, many suppliers now offer consumers trials periods which they can use to ensure the product is right for them. If after six weeks you aren’t satisfied with your new mattress, you can return it for a full refund with no questions asked. Of course, you need to read the fine print of each supplier’s money-back guarantee carefully. Everyone deserves a good night’s sleep, so don’t make compromises when it comes to your sleeping environment.

Coupons for mattresses can net you quite the discount.

You want the right deal on a new mattress, and what time of the year you buy can sometimes make a difference. When do those opportunities come up? Here are 6 yearly coupon offers for mattresses that you might want to consider before you get ready to make a purchase.

The first one is coming just around the corner as I write this. It just so happens that Veterans Day is the next holiday. And I have seen so many mattress commercials. If you see the commercials on television, you’re going to see advertised sales online, too. As a matter of fact, the holidays are a great time to look for mattress sales in general.

Here’s another one for you.

When I say it, you will most likely remember hearing it at some point. It’s a Memorial Day weekend sale! Yes, you’ve heard that one, and mattresses are one of the products that are in that group. Are you going to catch the Memorial Day weekend sale?

Then there is the one that is right around my birthday, Labor Day. Labor Day weekend mattress sales can often be found. Keep in mind that you can usually find furniture sales at the same time, not just on Labor Day but on the other holidays mentioned, too.